professional window cleaning new york

Light fixture cleaning is another service we perform as part of our complete cleaning and maintenance service for our customers. We realize that professional window cleaning new york light fixture present particularly difficult cleaning issues thast the average building maintenance crew or homeowner would rather not handle. We have the material and methods to clean any fixture regardless of size, material, or location.

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The challenges regarding light fixture window cleaning cleaning and maintenance are many. They are often mounted at heights that are difficult to reach. They are often in shapes and sizes that make cleaning them thoroughly extremely difficult. They are often made of mixed materials lie glass and polished metals which need to be treated independently. What ever the challenge may be our crews are experienced and equipped to handle it.

Some of the fixture types that provide the greatest bigapplewindows.com challenge that we clean on a regular basis are:
Decorative commercial fixtures. Many of these consist of large bowls of glass or acrylic material measuring several feet in diameter and often six feet or more. They must be cleaned inside and out. We can get right down to the bottom of the bowl to create a spotless finish. If we need to remove the diffuser for cleaning we will but the usually is not required.
Crystal chandeliers. We will clean every crystal, bobeche and the center column and arms returning the original sparkle that make it the focal point of the space.
Foyer fixtures. Large entry foyers often have large fixtures that are suspended two stories up. Some are on lowering devices but many are not. We will use a lift to clean the fixture thoroughly and replace any burned out light bulbs.
Commercial lighting, Fluorescent troffers and porabolics, highbays and lowbays; we clean them all to increase the light levels in the area dramatically.
Parking lots and outdoor walkways. We will clean all area site lighting fixtures,

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