download video from youtube

Find video
Find video on YouTube using your favorite browser. Then right-click on it and copy its URL to the clipboard.

Paste URL
Switch to YouTube Downloader and press Paste URL download video from youtube button on the toolbar. Video clip will be added to the list and app will fetch and display information about it.

Choose output format
To change output format click central button on the toolbar. In appeared windows you will see formats and settings for video and music download modes. Save in original quality (without conversion) is the fastest method.

Video or Audio?
You can choose audio only or video download mode by using the switch.

Select output folder
By default program saves downloaded clips to subfolder Downloaded by MediaHuman. This folder is located in your Movies folder (if you are saving video) or in Music (in case of audio). You can change it in Preferences (to do it you can press on the small gear icon and select preferences in appeared menu). Switch to Music output or Video output tab to change folder for your downloads.

Start downloading
Now everything is ready to start downloading. To download single video clip press Start button right next to it. To download all added videos you may press Start all button on the toolbar.

Have a rest while download process is in progress. While program downloading you are able to add another videos to download and start it too.

Now all your videos are downloaded and saved. Press Locate button to access downloaded clips.
Click a download quality. Your download will start automatically. If you want both audio and video in your video file, make sure you do not click one of the options that has an «x» next to the speaker icon.
mp4 hd720p is the highest video format available from this service that has both audio and video. You can download the video only (without audio) at a higher quality.
Depending on your browser’s settings, you may need to select a folder you want to save your video file to, and then click Save before you download will begin.
Using KeepDownloading
Go to the YouTube video you want to download. In a web browser, go to https://www.youtube.com/ and locate the YouTube video you want to download. You can start playing the video to ensure it’s the correct video.
Use the search bar at the top to search for the video if you are having trouble locating the video.
Copy the URL. Click and drag across the address of the video at the top of your browser address bar to highlight it, then press Ctrl+C on Windows or ⌘ Command+C on a Mac. This copies the video URL.

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