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Dropping odds are an indicator, which may help you in choosing the proper final result of a particular sport event. The change of the odds may be affected by many factors, including prognosis of professional athletes or tipsters, information odds betting
from the team itself or hidden information about particular player or team.

All of this may lead to decreasing of the coefficient due to the high number of bets.

How could we recognize if the dropping odd is a real one?

Well, it’s very simple. Let me give you a ставки по прогрузам
simple example.

We have two teams – an elite soccer team, which is situated at the top 10 (e.g. 8th position) at the ranking and another elite team, which is situated at 17th position of the ranking. It’s obviously that the stronger team is the one, which has earned the 8th position of the ranking.

If the weaker team is a host and this is its last game in the competition and they are trying not to fall in the 2nd division, then this team may be better motivated – they are fighting for their remaining in the elite.

In this case most of the betting companies will https://keyodds.com/
offer attractive coefficients for the host just because it is the weaker team, but many of these betting companies do not realize that this game is maybe the most important for the weaker team. The stronger team remains stronger, but its morale is not as high as the morale and motivation of the weaker team.

This is just an example – you have to analyze the situation and choose carefully the final score, if you want to earn some good money.

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