residential window cleaning

Window cleaning is a job that sometimes seems easier than it really is. Some windows are in awkward, hard to reach places, which can be troublesome and dangerous for inexperienced cleaners to access. Not to mention achieving that streak and lint free window clarity only possible with professional grade equipment.

Top Window Cleaners in Toronto & the GTA
Are you in need of a residential window cleaner in Toronto, or anywhere in the GTA? Look no further! Splash Window Cleaning has over 16 years of experience and a multitude of satisfied customers. You can rely on Splash to be professional and efficient as we take care of your windows, screens, and mirrors. Our cleaning methods vary based on your needs as we strive to scrub your windows clean and shiny!

All our technicians are employees of Splash https://bigapplewindowcleaning.com Window Cleaning and we don’t outsource work to contractors. Every single employee is fully insured under WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).

We also have a variety of plans and programs that allow you to have frequent scheduled cleanings for your home with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, residential window cleaning bi-monthly, and quarterly services.

Our Window Cleaning Services:
Seasonal Window Cleaning
A popular time of year for our clients to have their windows cleaned is during the spring and the fall. During these peak seasons we also offer to send you reminder emails so that you won’t miss the opportunity to schedule your window cleaning.

Power Washing
Residential driveways and parking lots will become window cleaning services dirty overtime making your property look unkempt. A simple solution to prevent this is power washing. Power washing will re-invigorate your pavement and make your home look new again. We also specialize in power washing side-walks, sidings and decks.

Real Estate Pre-Sale Window Cleaning
Selling a home can be a difficult process. We work with many real estate agents to help sellers get their homes look like new before listing it on the market. We get to homes as soon as we can so that you can have it looking fresh and clean before potential buyers stop by.

Safety first
Splash Window Cleaning strives to establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Our our employees are insured under WSIB and we maintain our equipment and property in a safe condition. We are committed to preventing occupational illness and injury in the workplace as we take pride in the team we have built during our years of operation.

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