starcraft 2 void

The Void Ray is an airborne siege starcraft 2 void
cannon for the Protoss that is built at the Stargate. Unlike the Void Ray in Wings of Liberty, its attack does not charge up over time. Instead, Prismatic Alignment can be activated to increase damage to armored units and buildings for 14.3 seconds. When activated, it slows the Void Ray movement speed by 40 %. Although it no longer deals additional damage to massive units, the Void Ray still excels against armored targets with high health.

Once the Void Ray’s beam is activated within its 6 range, there’s an additional leeway of 2 if the target moves away.
The Void Ray can shoot while moving. It attacks anything within range in a 40° angle in front of it. While moving however, targets are chosen based on target priority so it may not necessarily continue to shoot a target it was previously ordered to attack.
Prismatic Alignment
Cooldown: 43Hotkey: E
Realigns the Void Ray’s Prismatic Beam to gain +6 damage vs. armored units for 14.3 seconds. This does not scale with upgrades.
Competitive Usage
Due to their relatively low number of hit points, Void Rays have limited usefulness in the early game if anticipated by the enemy. Against Protoss, Stalkers can deal with Void Rays easily because of the ease of making large amount of Stalkers, unlike the time required to make Void Rays. Against Terran, sufficient numbers of Marines (especially with Stimpack), or properly controlled Vikings, can deal with Void Rays. Zerg players can build additional Queens until they are able to morph sufficient numbers of Hydralisks or Mutalisks.

In all these situations, Void Rays can still be used as a threat, forcing the production of anti-air units and keeping the opposing player inside of his or her base. If the player that is facing Void Rays is not aware of the incoming threat, he or she might be caught unprepared and thus there will be an opportunity to deal massive amount of damage.

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