Design and build company Westminster

The College of Design, Creative Design and build company Westminster and Digital Industries (DCDI) brings activity together from across three main areas: Media, Arts and Design, Architecture and the Built Environment, and Science and Technology to deliver academic programmes and foster research across Harrow, Marylebone and Cavendish campuses.

The advancement of knowledge Bathroom remodeling Ellicott city and understanding, and the development of flexible and transferable skill sets in the digital creative domain concentrates on critical design and ‘smart cities’, advanced computing, social and multi-media development and policy, content production, artistic expressions and creative business management.

The College will serve as a catalyst for trans- and inter-disciplinary inquiry and collaboration in the University, in London, nationally and internationally and stimulates respective pioneering academic offers, research initiatives and ameriproremodeling.com knowledge exchange ventures fit for the fourth Industrial Revolution.

The College is positioned to critically and creatively explore and shape contemporary culture across design, architecture, urban planning and transport, media and communication, the arts, computing and engineering in an increasingly digital and connected, globalised and urbanising world.

The College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries comprises four schools:

Westminster School of Arts (Harrow)
School of Computer Science and Engineering (Cavendish)
School of Architecture and Cities (Marylebone)
Westminster School of Media and Communication (Harrow)
Head of College

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